7 Foods You Must Try In Golden Mile Tower

20 October, 2023

Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Singapore's Golden Mile is a hidden culinary treasure trove waiting to be explored. As you traverse the vibrant district, you'll discover a plethora of flavours, cultures, and aromas that make this locality a gastronomic paradise. From tantalizing street eats to hidden gems, the beach road area boasts a remarkable array of delectable dishes that are sure to leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

In this culinary journey, we'll take you on a mouthwatering tour of ten must-try foods that will not only satisfy your cravings but also leave you craving for more. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this article will serve as your definitive guide to the culinary delights in Golden Mile Tower.


1. Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Hainanese Restaurant

Credit to theRatingPanda

Famous Foods: Chicken Rice, Steamboat, Pork Satay, Hainanese Pork Chope
Price: $10 - $20
Unit Number: B1-20
Opening Hours: Everyday 11am to 10pm

2. Er Jie Curry Puff (娥姐)

Credit to Miss Tham Chiak

Famous Foods: Curry Puff
Price: $1.80
Unit Number: B1-62
Opening Hours: Thurs – Tues 12pm to 6pm, Wed off

3. 忘不了传统大虾面 Wang Bu Liao Traditional Prawn Noodles

Famous Foods: Soft Bone Prawn Noodle, Prawn Noodle
Price: $1 - $10
Unit Number: #01-27
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10:30am to 6pm, Sat 12:30pm to 6pm, Sun off

4. King of Fried Rice - Golden Mile Tower

Credit to The Food Dossier

Price: $1 - $10
Unit Number: B1-56
Opening Hours: Everyday 11:30am to 9:30pm 

5. Siriwan Thai Food

Price: $10 - $20
Unit Number: #01-50/51
Opening Hours: Everyday 10am to 10pm

6. Bucketta Bar & Bistro

Price: $40 - $60
Unit Number: #01-55d
Opening Hours: Everyday 11am to 12am

7. Siam Square Mookata

Price: $20 - $30
Unit Number: #B1-63
Opening Hours: Everyday 12pm to 6am

Explore Foods Nearby Golden Mile Tower

1. You Fu (Golden Mile Outlet)

Credit to Sethlui

Famous Foods: Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle
Price: $1 - $10
Unit Number: Golden Mile Food Centre #01-57
Opening Hours: Mon off, Tue - Sat 11:30am to 8:30pm

2. Mr Baguette

Famous Foods: Oreo, Garlic Cheese, Tiramisu, Hazelnut Lava
Price: $5 - $15
Unit Number: Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-51
Opening Hours: Mon off, Tue - Fri 12pm to 4:30pm, Sat – Sun 12pm to 6pm

3. Wen Li Taiwanese Food - Golden Mile Food Center

Credit to EatBook.sg

Famous Foods: Braised Pork Rice Set, Pig Intestine Mee Sua Set
Price: $1 - $10
Unit Number: #01-65
Opening Hours: Everyday 11am to 8pm

As your culinary journey through the diverse flavors of Golden Mile comes to an end, we hope that you've been inspired to embark on your own food adventure. And when you do, don't forget to make your first stop at Golden Mile Tower's hassle-free parking facilities. Conveniently located at the heart of this bustling district, our carpark is your gateway to the incredible culinary wonders that await.

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