Top 20 Must-Try Restaurants in Bugis and Where to Find Cheap Parking

13 June, 2024

Bugis is a food lover's paradise with dining options for all tastes and budgets. From local delights to international cuisine and trendy cafés, Bugis has it all. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best places to eat in Bugis—and where to find the cheapest, most convenient parking at Bugis.

  1. Nutmeg & Clove

Photo by Nutmeg & Clove

8 Purvis St, Singapore 188587

Nutmeg & Clove, ranked No. 7 on Asia's 50 Best Bars in 2023, is a standout in Singapore's culinary scene. Featuring locally-sourced ingredients, each dish highlights the vibrant flavors and techniques of Singaporean cuisine, complemented by a selection of artisanal cocktails and fine wines.

  1. Tipo Pizzeria E Trattoria

Photo by Tipo Pizzeria E Trattoria

155 Waterloo St, #01-08, Singapore 187962


Tipo Pizzeria e Trattoria is well-known for its authentic Italian foods, specializing in traditional wood-fired pizzas and classic Italian dishes. Using the finest ingredients, Tipo creates a genuine taste of Italy, complemented by a well-curated selection of Italian wines and delightful desserts.

  1. Chikuyotei

Photo by Chikuyotei

80 Middle Rd, #01-01 InterContinental Singapore, Singapore 188966

Chikuyotei is a renowned Japanese restaurant. Specializing in unagi dishes and kaiseki, a multi-course meal that showcases seasonal ingredients, Chikuyotei uses the freshest produce to create authentic and refined flavors.

  1. Chikuyotei

Photo by Sawadee Thai Cuisine

9 Tan Quee Lan St, Singapore 188098

Sawadee Thai Cuisine serves traditional Thai dishes. Each dish, from the tangy tom yum soup to the savory green curry, captures the essence of Thai cuisine.

  1. Joo Bar

Photo by Hazel Diary

5 Tan Quee Lan St, Singapore 188094

Joo Bar offers a unique dining and drinking experience. Each dish, from kimchi mac and cheese to pork belly bossam, highlights bold Korean flavors. With its chic, industrial-style decor and lively atmosphere, Joo Bar provides a memorable culinary adventure.

  1. King and the Pawn

Photo by SETHLUI

24 Purvis St, level 2, Singapore 188601

King and the Pawn is a vibrant board game cafe in Singapore, blending gameplay with delicious food and drinks. Featuring an extensive library of board games, their menu offers comfort foods and beverages to fuel hours of fun.

  1. En Sushi

Photo by Miss Tam Chiak

112 Middle Rd, #01-00B Midland House, Singapore 188970

En Sushi is a Japanese restaurant specializing in omakase dining, offering a culinary journey that showcases the freshest seafood and premium ingredients prepared with precision and artistry.

  1. Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke

Photo by Daniel Food Diary

201 Victoria St, #04-01 Bugis+, Singapore 188067

Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke serves amazing flame-seared seafood bowls. They're known for their fresh ingredients and delicious flavors. If you love seafood and Japanese food, it's a must-try spot in a cozy setting.

  1. Gunther’s

Photo by The Straits Times

36 Purvis St, #01-03, Singapore 188613

Gunther’s is a top French restaurant known for its finest ingredients and traditional cooking. From their signature cold angel hair pasta with oscietra caviar to the perfectly cooked beef tenderloin, each dish showcases culinary excellence. With an exceptional wine selection, it's a favorite for fine dining enthusiasts.

  1. Tom's Palette

Photo by Tom's Palette

51 Middle Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188959

Tom’s Palette offers a wide range of unique ice cream creations using fresh, high-quality ingredients. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to adventurous combinations like salted egg yolk and cereal milk, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Garibaldi

Photo by TimeOut

36 Purvis St, #01-02, Singapore 188613

Garibaldi is a traditional Italian restaurant known for its authentic cuisine by Chef Roberto Galetti. From homemade pasta like tagliolini al granchio to wood-fired pizzas, each dish reflects culinary mastery. With an elegant ambiance, attentive service, and extensive wine selection, it's a favorite for Italian food enthusiasts and fine dining lovers.

  1. Chin Chin Eating House

Photo by Miss Tam Chiak

19 Purvis St, Singapore 188598

Chin Chin Eating House is renowned for its authentic Hainanese cuisine, specializing in dishes like Hainanese chicken rice and laksa. Whether you're craving noodles or chicken rice, it's a taste of tradition and a glimpse into Singapore's rich food culture.

  1. Una Una

Photo by Oddle

201 Victoria St, #05-02/03, Singapore 188067

Una Una is a delightful Japanese restaurant known for its delicious and authentic unagi (eel) dishes. They serve tender and flavorful unagi grilled to perfection, accompanied by fragrant and fluffy Japanese rice.

  1. Supreme Pork Chop Rice

Photo by EatBook

67 Beach Rd, Basement 189688

Supreme Pork Chop Rice is a renowned Taiwanese restaurant known for its mouthwatering pork chop rice dishes. With a casual and lively ambiance, generous portions, and affordable prices, it's a go-to spot for Taiwanese food enthusiasts seeking a hearty and delicious dining experience.

  1. Bulgogi Syo

Photo by Daniel Food Diary

200 Victoria Street, Unit, #02-49 Bugis Junction, 188021

Bulgogi Syo is a famous Korean restaurant renowned for its flavorful and authentic bulgogi dishes. Using premium cuts of marinated beef or pork, Bulgogi Syo grills the meat to perfection, resulting in tender and juicy bites packed with savory and sweet flavors.

  1. Ume San 100

Photo by Daniel Food Diary

190 Middle Rd, #02-07 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

Ume San 100 features a diverse menu including sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen, all prepared with high-quality ingredients and traditional Japanese techniques. It caters to both sushi enthusiasts and lovers of Japanese cuisine.

  1. Belle-Ville Pancake Café

Photo by Miss Tam Chiak

#01-01B Bugis Junction Towers, 230 Victoria St, 188024

Belle-Ville Pancake Café is known for its delicious and fluffy Japanese-style pancakes. They offer a range of flavors and toppings, from classic butter and syrup to indulgent choices like fresh fruits and whipped cream.

  1. YY Kafei Dian

Photo by Miss Tam Chiak

37 Beach Rd, #01-01, Singapore 189678

YY Kafei Dian is a great breakfast spot, opening at 7:30 am. It offers a traditional kopitiam experience with classic local dishes like kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs.

  1. Yat Ka Yan

Photo by Miss Tam Chiak

190 Middle Rd, #02-08 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

Yat Ka Yan Dessert, located inside Fortune Centre, is renowned for its delectable and innovative sweet treats. Their menu features both traditional and modern desserts, including classic tong sui (sweet soup) as well as trendy creations like boba desserts and ice cream sandwiches.

  1. Duke Dessert

Photo by Daniel Food Diary

190 Middle Rd, #02-06 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

Duke Dessert offers a wide range of desserts, from classic favorites like lava cakes and tiramisu to unique creations such as matcha-infused pastries and tropical fruit parfaits.


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